Sunlight Simulation with LED 350 - 1100nm

SUNlike was created to enable the solar industries to utilize the advantages of LED technology. To archive this goal FUTURELED developed the missing LED in regards to required wavelength and power. The goal of a AAA light source well received and the standard is over performed by, in some instances, over ten times. As LED provide advantages in power consumption and life time a main achievement is highly reduced repetition rate with can be as low as 0,5 sec as LED don’t need recharging. The SUNlike platform can be set up with 7 to 35 more >>>

New TENSOR Line Light

Epi-Light offers a new concept in LED line lights for web and linescan inspection. The TENSOR is designed with modularity at its core, offering three different cooling options, with multiple optical configurations while maintaining a high level of IP integrity. Our modular design (100mm increments) addresses line lengths up to 5m. The optical beam output can be controlled via an integrated current control driver either by 1-10V dimming or by PWM control for high speed scanning more >>>

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut for maximum frequency technology

We research cutting-edge technologies in the fields of microwave technology and optoelectronics. For customers in industry and science we provide high-frequency devices and circuits for communication and sensor technology as well as high-power diode lasers for materials processing, laser technology, medical technology and high precision metrology.

As a competence centre for III/V-compound semiconductors more >>>

LED DOME Illumination

The RGB DOME can be equipped with up to four different colours, wavelengths freely chosen. With the integration of light, lens, camera and evaluation become vision solutions for a built product. Contrasts can be modelled so that a robust evaluation is possible at any time. With wide range of products, all coming in a line, flexibility is more >>>

Deep UV LED 260nm up to 350nm

EPIGAP Optronic GmbH distributes the new deep ultra violet diodes from DOWA Electronics & Materials Co., Ltd. produced at 265nm, 280nm, 310nm, 325nm and 340nm wavelength.

Several applications for medical purpose such as diagnostic, fluorescence spectroscopy and light therapy receive new impetus by using UV LED technology instead of common light sources. Miniaturized analysis devices provide the user with a whole new world of experimental more >>>

The Standard for Array Spectrometers

The CAS 140CT, already in its 3rd generation, is the most successful array spectrometer from Instrument Systems worldwide. These instruments combine high accuracy with an opto-mechanically robust design and a simple operation. The range of applications is thus correspondingly wide - from 24 hour, round-the-clock operation in manufacturing to use as a reference more>>>

Special High Power 565nm LED

New green LED with a dominant Wavelength of 545nm is now available for our Series 440. We are also present the our new high brightness colors blue with a dominant Wavelength of 460nm and green with a dominant Wavelength of more>>>


Based on the requests of our customers Clandell has developed an white T3 LED Module with 1W more >>>